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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Recap & Pics

While I'm busy working away on decorations for Chloe's 1st birthday party, I may hold off on sharing too many sneak peeks before the big day.  Let me just say, though, that all of this crafting and designing is a blast for me.  Crafting and creativity is in my blood, and it does far more for me than a massage or pedicure ever could.  For real.  Don't tell my husband, though. I may still want that massage!

So about this birthday party thing...well, not only do I have an excellent outlet for my creativity, but I'm also having a blast designing party supplies that are lovely and unique for my little girl's special occasion.  Okay, so admittedly, we all know the first birthday party is really about the parents.  The kids only care about smashing the cake, and even that is likely beyond them, but still...us big kids might as well have our fun, too. :)

In the meantime, I thought I would share a little recap of my weekend in photos.  If you're a personal Facebook friend of mine, you may have already seen some of these pics.  I hope you don't mind the recap.

Little Bean is too busy gnawing on that apple to pay attention to the camera, but I don't mind. :)

If you're from Minnesota, it goes without saying that this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  For my husband and I, we adventured up to Duluth for the Northshore Inline Marathon that my husband races in every year.  He placed 4th at this race, which is excellent, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

My handsome hubby is the hardest working, most-dedicated man I know.  He trains HARD day in and day out, and his drive to succeed continues to amaze me.  Did I mention that he's a pretty wonderful husband and daddy, too?

In other business, we hit up the apple orchard.  This is hands down our favorite activity of the season.  We never miss it.  It's no secret that fall is my favorite time of year.  Throw in a little apple picking, a hay ride or two, and we're talking good stuff!

Here Chloe is with her cousin Juliet.  Juliet is just 4 months younger than Chloe, and it's been so fun for Ron's sister Jenna and I to have these two little sweeties so close together.

Check out this adorable, hand-knit sweater that a friend of mine gave Chloe.  How cute is that?!

And, of course, one of my favorite pics from the weekend is Chloe greeting her daddy after he finished his big race.  She adores her daddy, and it shows!

I'm off for now, but I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Stay tuned for more tutorials and party crafting ideas coming down the pipeline.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vintage Sparkle Cake Topper Bunting & Tutorial

Happy Thursday, gang!

Okay, I realize that cake topper bunting is so-two-years-ago (insert eye roll here), but I have to be honest with you all, I'm still pretty much, full-on digging it.

You may even recall a tutorial I did way back {here} on a mini papel picado cake topper I created for my sister-in-law's bridal shower a couple years ago.  The tutorial below will be similar with just a couple of tweaks.

AND because I created the cake topper you see here for my daughter's FIRST birthday (holy moly!) coming up in October, it's extra special...to me. :)

This is a project that is super easy and can really be a lovely addition to any party.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Color or scrapbook paper - I used a mix of glitter paper (I LOVE sparkles) and patterned paper.
2. Paper cutter and/or good scissors - I've got some excellent crafting scissors that either make me exceptionally nerdy or BRILLIANT.  Take your pick.
3. 2 wooden skewer sticks
4. Divine Twine - I used the pink and white twine.
6. Needle
7. Hot glue gun
8. Flower Embellishment - I used Jolee's Cream Burlap Flower Embellishments 
9. Gemstone Embellishments of your choice.

These photos were taken with my iphone and via Instagram because, let's be honest, everything is prettier in Instagram. :)

Do It Yourself

Step 1: Create a pattern.  I simply drew a triangle on hard card stock, cut it out and used it for my flag pattern.

Step 2: Trace the pattern onto designer paper of your choice and cut out.  You may have a favorite dye cut punch you prefer to use in case you don't feel like cutting each flag out.

Step 3: Line up the flags until you've found an order of design/color that you like best.

Step 4: With a needle and the Divine Twine, thread each of the mini flags.

Step 5: Tie each end of the twine around a skewer stick.

Step 6: Hot glue a flower embellishment to each skewer stick on top of where you tied the twine.

Step 7: Last but not least add the embellishment gems of your choice to the stick.

The options are endless here.  You could add all sorts of ribbons hanging off the sticks, or you could add big, statement-making embellishments all the way down the skewers.  Just have fun with it.

Pretty, pretty.

Happy crafting, friends. :)


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