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Monday, December 17, 2012

Heart Sessions: To the Broken Hearted in Newtown, Connecticut

To the broken hearted in Newtown, Connecticut,

I am broken hearted with you. You don’t know me, and I may not know you, but the life and loss of your precious little ones has reached into the depths of my heart and etched a permanent memorial.

When the news first flashed across my computer screen, I was in my office at work. I felt my heart sink as I realized the crushing weight of your loss. I closed my office door, and I wept for you, and I wept with you. Days later, I sit here still with tears running down my face and an ache in my heart for you.

I considered my own little one at that very moment entrusted to another’s care while I was away at work. How could I not imagine walking in your shoes?

That night, my busy “self-sufficient” toddler slept all night nestled against my chest, something that hasn’t occurred since she was a new baby. I hold her that much tighter in honor of you, brave parents, whose arms lay empty tonight.

I won’t forget your loss.

I believe every parent who has ever loved their child with the God-given ferocity and fire that drives us to the ends of the earth to shield and protect them, is standing behind you, grieving with you and loving you through darkness.

Never in my life have I felt such a powerful force of grief for the loss of those I don’t know personally, and yet there it is…the great equalizer…the one thing that makes us all unified: Parenthood.

The loss of a child…

Is there any greater pain?

I muttered all of the “Why’s?” over and over when I heard the news, and I still don’t understand it. Why God? Why when they were so young and innocent?

And then there are the brave teachers. Mothers and wives who leave behind devastated families and children of their own. Why? For what?

I don’t know the answer. Like so many have said before me, how do you make any sense of the senseless?

I do know one thing, if any…that there is a Heavenly Father who has felt your loss, whose son Jesus Christ suffered a gruesome death to bring us life, and that Father, yes, He knows your pain. His innocent Son carried the awful penalty for the sin of the entire world. He feels your unbearable hurt, loved ones. He counts every tear, and He will carry you when you can no longer carry yourself. He understands the depths of your grief, that which can never be put into mere words.

Today, I pray that God carries you through this nightmare, that He brings blessing in the midst of tragedy and breathes new life into your broken hearts and broken homes. I pray that you would feel such a tremendous out-pouring of love from not only this nation but also from the far reaches of this world.

I will pray for you until there are no more tomorrows.

Your little ones are resting safely and peacefully in the arms of the Father today. May He bless you and keep you until you are joyfully reunited.

Blessings, Sandy Hook.

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  1. Our prayers go out to the entire community. So tragic


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