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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi peeps!  I've had several requests for pictures of our home construction progression, so I wanted to share a few updates, BUT then I realized that even more has been accomplished by our rockstar contractors (ehem, my dad and brother...and of course, the work of my ever handy husband). All that to say, I thought I had WAY more updated pictures to share with you all...and...uh...well, the truth is...um...I was mistaken. I only have a few pictures from the progress going back to the first couple days of work. Eeek!  I better get snappin!

The reality is that my hubby worked non-stop for a good week scraping every inch of the popcorn ceiling in the entire house from the biggest room to the tiniest linen closet to prep for our contractors to put in a beautiful knockdown ceiling.  The ceilings should be done by today, and then it's time to paint them white.  Yahoo! 

Also, we tore down a wall between the master bedroom and the adjacent bedroom that faces the backyard in order to make one large "master suite", which has been accomplished already as well.  We will then open up the wall to the backyard and put in some lovely french doors (ordering those babies tonight!) that I was carrying on about over {here}.  I'm so excited! 

Now, I'm not gonna lie here, I nearly had to pick my chin up off the floor when I walked into our new, enormous master suite.  Funny, I didn't think it would be that big when we opened up the wall.  Hmm... It's almost embarrassing.  I've decided to call the new and improved master suite the North Wing, as it is larger than our living room.  Good grief, I don't even know what to fill all that space up with. 

Anyhoo, I figure a little sneak peek of at least the kitchen progress is better than nothing.  Even these pictures aren't the most updated.  Gosh, I'm sorry about that, gang!  The opening in the kitchen has been drywalled and finished, and the can lights have been cut into the ceiling, and, of course, the ceilings have been sprayed.  I can't wait to see everything really come together once the cabinets arrive and the flooring is installed. 




We decided on white, espresso glazed maple cabinets, an espresso, cherry wood island, "antique brown" style granite countertops, and we have special ordered Asian Walnut hardwood flooring.  It sounds like a bunch of fancy stuff, I know, but I promise we have done our research and have worked very, very hard to stay within our budget and to not go beyond our means, AND by the grace of God, we are still within our budget. The trick is to research as many promotions as you can find and time your product orders just right to hit those promotions.  It can be done, folks!

Bonus!  We had total price shock - in a good way (as did the checkout attendant) when we purchased our cabinets. The promotion savings turned out to be significantly more than we thought, and we ended up getting a grand total of $6,000 off the price of our cabinets. So...we purchased $16,000 worth of cabinets for a little over $10,000. Our budget was $12,000, which we hit right on the nose with the initial promotion.  The extra savings on top of it blew us away. My husband and I just stared at the attendant like, "Are you sure?" She responded to our blank stares with, "I entered in the bar code on the promotion and you received additional savings."

Uh, okay. Thank you. We'd like to checkout now. Bye-bye.

To see the rest of the before photos of the entire kitchen, head on over {here}.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Inspiration: Breakfast Nooks

Hi, gang!  I know it's been like F-O-R-E-V-E-R since my last blog post.  It really has, and shame on me for being such a slacker over here.  Gosh, I've missed you!  The big, fat excuse truth is that this whole closing process on the new house turned out to be a giant bowl full of stress plopped right on top of all of the other year-end madness.  I'm telling you, friends, these "renovation" type loans are a pain in the ol' rear end, and had I known otherwise at the time (I was told that it was our best option), I would have just purchased the house and worked out the renovations later.  Geesh! 

Oh, and I do have another pitiful excuse for my absence, while entirely true...you see, I have been soooooooo blessed to not have caught the standard Minnesota cold for the past couple of years (yay!).  Well, I must be long overdue because I now have this horrendous, beast of a cold, with a bark of a cough that I'm convinced has scared the mice into seclusion (I'm happy to report that we have had no little visitors for quite some time now).  Oh-oh, and I'm so stuffed up that I can't smell or taste anything. 

Case in point, yesterday, I decided I needed a $5.00 cup of tea.  A bit of a splurge, I know.  Keep in mind that I debated for a good two hours on whether or not I was going to spend the money on a totally unnecessary cup of tea.  I decided it would make me feel better, so I dragged my sniffley, watery-eyed, barking coughing self out of my office and down to Caribou and made the purchase.  I was so excited once I made that crucial decision only to take the first sip and realize that I couldn't taste it whatsoever.  *Sigh*  So, you see, I've gone into hiding until I'm a little more presentable and am able to make better decisions!

Aside from the craziness, Christmas was wonderful, and the Lord has continued to blow me away with his goodness over the past year.  Truly.  I don't have enough space here to even begin listing all the ways.  Despite the intricacy of our rehab loan, we closed on our house right on target, and now the fun begins!

One of the things I'm really excited about is our little, built-in breakfast nook.  You can see a picture of it over {here}. This weekend, I will be sanding, priming and painting this little treat into what I hope will be the perfect fit for the rest of our kitchen makeover.  I'm thinking I will be painting it a combination of a cream color with espresso accents.  I'm not entirely sure yet, so I started looking for some inspiration, and here are a few of my favorites...

Simplified Bee

Decor Pad

Do you have any favorites?  Feel free to send them my way at lovelyscribbles@gmail.com.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a wonderful weekend!


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